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11th March 2010

12:18am: Lyrics Game Dealie Thing:

Yay, everyone likes lyrics games! I hope. Because I feel like doing one.

So I've put the opening lines to 75 songs under the cut. Participate if you want. Enjoy. : )

Music stuffsCollapse )

All right, done.

Break is boring. I want to be back in Rochester. Except I'm not very fond of homework. Conundrums.

24th November 2005

10:44am: Rent!
Rent is such a lovely film. It really is. Okay, I sound rather stupid at the moment, but that's the kind of mood it puts you in. It kind of dulls every other emotion other than a dreamy peace. I'm kind of surprised that it's gotten such rotten reviews, but it is a polarizing genre, the musical. It was more "Broadway" than most other recent musicals, (ie Chicago and Moulin Rouge!), so that could be a deciding factor.

On a more random note- what is up with the reviewers that get main characters mixed up? I can understand, they see many movies, but really, is it that hard to have someone else proofread it, and see these mistakes? I just... it's a national publication. You'd think they wouldn't want to have such stupid mistakes. Maybe they just don't give a damn.

Anyway. It's Thanksgiving, and that means much family togetherness and happiness. Except not. Our family has stopped having many of the gatherings and holiday celebrations recently. It's a bit odd, actually. We stopped having this summer thing, where everyone would be designated a person, and they would buy a gift for said person. It took place in the summer because that's the most convenient time. Heh. I kind of miss it, because it means I don't get to see people like turtle_147 more often.

Okay, I mentioned EmailBlender before, but I just found this game that it has, where it gives you a bunch of letters and you have to form as many words as possible in two minutes, and it is so. Much. Fun. Go do it! If you have the chance.

Current Mood: happy

21st November 2005

11:53am: Lots of Harry Potter nonsense. Yeah.
I got lucky on Saturday. Okay, maybe I should rephrase that, but it's true: I did. I got to go see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and I didn't even have to wait in line! We were the FIRST people in line. It was amazing. :-D

Anyway: And the rambling continues; spoilers, so BEWARE for those unacquainted with the movieCollapse )

You know, I think I'll go to Hot Topic, and buy some Harry Potter merchandise. It's been too long since I touted my HP nerdiness. XD

Current Mood: content

15th November 2005

5:35pm: HOLY SHIT
Oh, Lord. The first time I'm ever asked out... it had to be by someone I really, utterly loathe half the the time... Er. Anyway. I turned him down nicely, and still felt like a completely and utter bitch. Darn it.

Current Mood: bitchy

13th November 2005

5:58pm: So, wow. I got many items of new clothing today; I feel very spoiled, but not exactly in a good way. I mean, I'm grateful, extremely so; I just feel uncomfortable whenever my parents buy me something that costs more than, say, five dollars. I just can't help but think about the money could be spent on something more important. But, uh, anyway.

Rent really is very good; though, judging by the content of the soundtrack, I'm surprised that the movie turned out to be PG-13. Because it's all, "Yay sodomy! Yay S&M! Yay transvestitism, homosexuality and bohemian living!" Not that there's anything wrong with that. ... Columbus was probably a bastard and cut every bit of controversial content the original play has. Gah! Regardless, I'll still see it.

Hey, that reminds me, Goblet of Fire comes out on Friday. Cue excitement from the masses!

Current Mood: contemplative

7th November 2005

7:29pm: Holy shit, the Rent soundtrack sounds really good, from what I've heard from the iTunes previews. Now I'm all excited about the movie. I'm turning into such a Broadway nerd; my favorite songs are all from musicals, and I find myself running into our car and singing, because I'm positively horrified by the thought of someone actually hearing me; yet, I want to be in the school play this year. I'm tickled by the irony of it. But my voice sounds icky without warming up for almost five or six mintues, which, you know, when you have a 30 second audition, isn't very helpful.

Anyway, enough with the whining. It's not very important. I'm going to go to because, um, all the guys there are really hot. Oh God, I'm shallow. So. Shallow. But I think I deserve a reprieve from properness, tonight. Our teachers are are actually enforcing rules on behavior, for some odd reason, because they seem to think it's gotten worse over this summer. Honestly, I haven't seen a difference... but I'm not in their position, so I guess I wouldn't know.

Current Mood: creative

4th November 2005

4:11pm: I just want to clear something up: in a debate, the moderater is there to do exactly what his name says, moderate, right? Because, clearly, Mr. Butler was never introducted to this concept. We've had a debate about the Arab-Israeli conflict in class for two days now, and we haven't had a change to make much progress explaing our points because he won't SHUT the FUCK UP. Plus, he's biased; every time I would bring up a topic, he would find a way to help the Iraeli side of the classroom to attack it. He never interrupted the Israelis, except to back them up with information no normal 15 year old would know. It was blatant! Blatant! I just... I don't understand why he even bothers having a debate, because clearly all he cares about is hearing himself talk. It was just absolutely ridiculous. It made me far angrier than I should have been, but it was just ...infuriating.

Current Mood: annoyed

28th October 2005

6:56am: Okay, um-
So. Mr. Joy wants us to have a test today in Arthurian Legend, about the whole quest for the Holy Grail. Except- he wants us to write two freaking essays, in one class period! WHAT? I- I don't know what to say. I'm talking, full blown, at-least-three-to-four-paragraph writings... there are no words. Except: mommy *whimpers*

Heh. Now that that's over: more complaining! Yes! I said it! More complaining! Muahahaha! And you'll ALL be subjected to to, because I am without mercy. But first: rejoicing!

Yes! It's finally Friday. I don't know why, but for some reason, this whole week has been excruciating, so it's very good to be (almost) done with it. Now, on with the complaining! It's the fact that Ms. Grillo is making it very difficult to read books outside of school, due to the fact that she makes us read a book for the actual English work, but have an in-class reading material as well, so we can sit during the 'free reading' times and not be bored. Well, this proves rather trying at times; because if I like the book, then I can't read it outside of class, or I'll be finished with it far too soon, and Ms. Grillo will frown at you for switching books so quickly. If I don't like it, then I'm still stuck with it, and have to read it in very small increments, thus lengthening the displeasure. Perhaps this is the most trivial thing I've ever written about, but for some reason it's been bugging me.

But I suppose things could be much worse, so I'll just leave it at that.


24th October 2005

6:59am: OMFG What an amazing site. Hee! It's just so goofy. Everyone, go, now! I command thee! *waves stick around wildly*


20th October 2005

5:31pm: Wow
My progress report is a very encouraging thing to read. LJ-Cut, porque los numeros son muy aburridasCollapse )

I got paid today!!1one Forty dollars... oh, baby. Can you tell I'm excited? Well, it's because I am. It's a good feeling, to be paid for the work you've done. My work is fun, too. I guess I'm just lucky. Oh gosh, I probably sound so egotistical in this post. I really don't mean to be so narcissistic, I swear. :p But I can only work one day next work. Sigh. There's lost money in those days! But, it's not as though it's the programs fault; they have employee (as in, staff) training, and apparently the tutors are not invited. On the bright side? I can go home at three again, instead of five! And possibly finish my homework before eight PM, like I normally do because I procrasinate. Boy, do I like to do that.

I was reading Entertainment Weekly, and in their Depeche Mode article, they said that the song 'Precious' is about David Gohan's kids, and when I listened to the song later, I was really struck by how sweet the song actually is. It really shows his care for them. I just thought it was really nice.

*bounces* I LOVE love love love love this song! *points to Music thing* It's the only song off of X&Y that I like as much as their earlier work.

Current Mood: bouncy

17th October 2005

6:43pm: =O
Earlier this week, I was kind of freaked out about my grades, because I totally thought I was doing terribly in school. Well; I'm not. I'm not trying to brag! XD I'm just very, very relieved. I have a 99 in Global, a 99 in Spanish, a 100 in English (o_O wow. Her class is not a piece of cake either), and a 95 in Bio. I don't know my other grades, though, and all those classes are the ones where I am only getting an 89 or so.

I watched Million Dollar Baby on Saturday, and I absolutely loved it. It was, quite honestly, stunning. I was weeping at the end, like a little child. :P It was one of those movies that truly hurts to watch, at times, but you can't turn away, because it's just that powerful. I don't know how to explain it. I just know that I loved it.

Yay! Only about 150 pages left in Wuthering Heights! When it's over, I'm going to celebrate. Because, it's a beautiful novel. But it is so damn heavy, and saturated. I suppose I'm just going have to acclamate myself to the style of the literature.

Hmm. I think I'll leave off there, before I begin to ramble oddly any more.
Current Mood: excited

13th October 2005

8:37pm: O_O
Geez, I'm going to make 30 dollars a week. Okay, so, in the "real world", that wouldn't really equate to much. But for a 15 year old girl who doesn't have to worry about gas, heating, insurance, etc? Bliss. Of course, I'll have to save some of it. For college. Which is closer than ever. *dies*

I hate it when I always grab my math book and notebook, but then realize all I needed was my folder. Which I conveniently left at school. Oh, the irony.

Crushes are fickle things. They always come at the weirdest of times. Just, lalala I'm-your-friend-BOOM! Suddenly, it's all "OMG-YOU'RE-SO-AWESOME-LOVE-LOVE-LOVE". Can't say I don't enjoy it, though. XD

Current Mood: flirty

10th October 2005

11:19am: I haven't drawn anything in a long time. I need to remedy this situation immediately- by drawing SLASH! HOORAY! And I've found just the right picture, too. It shall be wonderful. XD

Oh damn, I need to do homework too. Crap. I always forget these things. >.< I better not be like this around the time I'm a senior and going crazy because I need to apply for scholarships and stuff.

Crap. I want a boyfriend. Well, okay, my wants are little less shallow than that. It's not that I want a boyfriend simply for having one, per se, but every time I see my friends with their guy, they always seems so happy. I realize, it takes work for such a relationship to work, and it can't always be great, but I mean, it makes me wonder, am I actually even capable of making a bond with a guy? I've never been friends with anyone but girls (except for Ashton in fifth grade XD), and its just a little worrisome when you realize that you can't even bring yourself to be friends with a guy! Yaaaaaagghhhh! It's just... a little frustrating. I'm always so awkward around guys. It bugs the crap out of me. I'm so normal with my friends, but the second someone I don't know comes within 5 feet, I clam up. :P Maybe I'll work on that this year. Not sure how I'm going to do that, of course, but you know... I can make an effort to at least be friendly if someone is friendly to me. Not than I'm all, "Bitch PLEASE" if someone I don't know talks to me, but.. yeah.

o.O I think I need to get off this computer and do something productive.


4th October 2005

4:56pm: Job OMG =O
Wow, I might actually have a job. I'd be working as a "Literacy Volunteer", or, a tutor, to all the little kids that go to our school that are in the after-school program. XD! I like the thought of earning five dollars an hour- doesn't sound like a lot, but to someone like me? With no steady income? Heaven, I say. I still have to go to training, which is like three hours tomorrow and Thursday, but! I'm excited with the thought of earning money. And working with cool people! Whee!

Dammit, I'm procrastinating again. How evil is that? It's so much fun, and SO EASY. And yet... terrible, on so many levels.

That song that was on the Spiderman soundtrack- Hero?- is stuck in my head. It's been there for days, and I haven't even heard it for almost a year! It's so bizzare. Oi.

Current Mood: asdf;jalksdjflkjad;f

3rd October 2005

3:40pm: Dammit. The dance kind of sucked, because I had nobody to dance with, and I don't dance by myself, like, to fast songs. :P But! I did still enjoy it, to an extent. My friends had fun. Chelsea kept jumping up and claiming balloons. And the balloon with the lipstick! XD That was amazing. Sucking helium, too. Scads of joy abounding.

I kept wanting to go up and dance with someone who shall not be named for I have a semi-crush on him and do not wish to jinx it, but he kept dancing with someone else! Argh!

Stupid Mondays, though. I still have to do an essay for English, global homework, and math. But math is super super easy. I'm fortunate that I find this unit so very easy, because it's probably going to be evil later in the year.

:P Whatever. I'll go and be productive now.

Current Mood: blank

30th September 2005

5:42pm: During the Pep Rally today-- yeah, our school has pep rallies. It's Homecoming Week. God, it's still strange having Pep Rallies. It's not like our football team can actually WIN any games-- anyway. The volleyball team went to the center of the gym and danced to Dragostea Din Tei! XP!!! It was an event. Except they only used about the first 30 seconds of me, so it wasn't even the best part. Oh well! Half the kids in our school actually recognized it, which is rather amazing to me.

The Homecoming dance is tomorrow. I feel kind of stupid going without a date; but then again, plenty of kids do that. And I'd rather go alone that just go with someone simply to have a date. I can't think of anything stupider than that.

Wuuuuaaaahhhh! Alias sucked. Sigh. What a stupid show it's become. :P Stupid shows that become stupid! STUPID!

Sorry, for some reason I have a tendency to use that word today. It's... not very becoming, I know.

Current Mood: awake

25th September 2005

3:54pm: Liz, about shopping- can't do it today, sorry. :( It's a bit too late, and I already went to Olean; didn't get a dress there, but I did get one online (this one). And I got my ears piered! It kind of hurt, especially at first, but now I can't even feel it unless I actually twist the earring, which you're supposed to do once in a while, apparently.

... I could have just emailed this to you, of course, but I chose to update. XD

9:42am: I went hiking yesterday and actually survived. x_X My legs are sore, and my feet are kind of blistery, but it wasn't awful or anything. The view was quite nice when we reached the summit of the mountain. Plus it was only about three miles, over all, though it was all uphill climbing. Ouchies. Hee.

Wow, it's like 10 o clock and NOBODY in my house is up yet. That's a monumental thing to happen; normally, I'm the last one up.

Damn it I have so much homework that I've got to do. :P I should get started. *sigh*


21st September 2005

7:38pm: You know what? I think I'd like to learn how to play the piano, if only to learn the beginning 30 seconds of 'Clocks'. That'd be pretty sweet.


19th September 2005

4:08pm: Wow, I got a 100 on my Bio test. I am pleasantly surprised. And today's gym period didn't suck! And Health didn't suck! And lunch didn't suck! My God! I struck the jackpot today.

In other news, I have decided that rowland_gregory is the hottest community ever. I should find something to draw and actually contribute. Um, because hot slash art/fic? = XD X), etc.

Current Mood: surprised

18th September 2005

5:57pm: I love my Mum =D
Because she purchases clothes for me. XD I got two new shirts, a track jacket (wtf, I don't even run track, but it was cute, so! I got it), and this great pair of denim trousers. Weird combination, I know.

Yesterday was a lot of fun. I went to Cuba's First Annual Garlic Festival. Garlic. Festival. That wasn't the fun part, what made it good was the fact that I met up with Liz and her rather cute friend Travis. *blushes* Liz, okay, I admit it, he was really good looking. Dammit. Your mom was right. But, I still don't have a crush on him. SO THERE. >.> Give me his screen name now hahahahah

XD [/hyper]

All we really did was walk around, and say sarcastic things about the festival, like how much the band sucked, and it didn't even smell like garlic at all! At! All! It didn't made much sense to us. And then we walked home because it was raining, and the rain stopped when we were halfway there. Then we ate pizza, and it was good. Oh! And there were shirts that said "Eat. Stink. Be proud." I wanted one, but they were fifteen dollars and I only had five. ;_;

Jesus Christ, Only When I Lose Myself is the hottest song I've ever heard. x_X

...Maybe I should do my homework now. Anything to get myself off this computer, and doing something productive.

Current Mood: guh

15th September 2005

4:34pm: Wuahahaha-
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So I'm a nerd, and yet somehow still cool? Neat! =B

I wish we had a gym around this town; it'd be kind of fun to go. But of course, the only one is at school, and um, I don't really want to work out with my teachers around. It's just a scary thought. o_O Mr. Butler in gym shorts... dear God.

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11th September 2005

6:12pm: Oh my GOD, do not EVER get your eyebrows waxed. Or do it yourself. It hurts like crazy, and it is SO EASY to fuck it up. >.<

...yes, this is the stupidest/more irrelevant post I've ever made on LJ. I must warn the masses, though!!!


9th September 2005

6:50am: =O
Somebody just favorited one of my works at deviantArt! My first favorite-ing... lol. XD I'm squeeing with joy.

Current Mood: excited

8th September 2005

6:26pm: New equals good.
Drawing of little relevance, but much shiny satin and awkward posesCollapse )

Is it common to feel awful about the world that you live in? I spent a lot of time in my study hall and quiet times in classes comtemplating how exactly our country has changed so much, mostly for the worse, in this last century. One hundred years has wielded more technological and social changes than nearly three or four times more than any other century in our history, which is rather short and tumultuous, come to think of it. I guess all the coverage of Katrina and the terrible effects of it are sort of what triggered it, but the seeds were planted when that terrible stampede in Iraq happened, during a religious parade. Six hundred people were trampled to death. Was that panic caused intentionally? I just remember what I heard on the news, which, shockingly, was NOT a large amount. There was something larger on the way, sadly. Just the thought of that makes me sick to my stomach. As if enough death and conflict hasn't affected that region anyway.

But when it comes to Katrina, I feel anger and disgust toward the lack of help that is available, though I suppose in some ways that's just inevitable, because nothing could be enough to save everyone in that squalor. Disasters aren't something you think would strike the USA, and when they do, the damage is never like that. The fact that people in the richest country in the world are living in conditions equal to those of a third world country is shocking. It's not something that we as citizens normally contemplate. That might be due to our nation's air of arrogance, or maybe just ignorance. In some ways, our society can't be blamed for our lack of information, especially those in our generation. We have access to scads of information, but without being explained from an early age, the abundance of what is offered in, say, a library alone, we can never appreciate and understand that fact. Reading, and research are never stressed in our schools and media, though there is plenty of coverage of how lacking we are in math and science areas, when compared to many other European and Asian countries. It's disturbing that our country could be filled with so many polarized people, those that are incredibly knowledgeable and those will incredible lack of any basic understanding.

I feel an abundance of anger at school, as well. How can kids just brush off something so influential? Essentially, school is what determines our future. Without it, we're stuck in a pretty low life. How can anyone think they can have the same life as their peers without putting forth the same effort that students do? How can it not be obvious that they have to do this; nobody said they had to enjoy it. I doubt many people, even great students, enjoy school all the time, or even the majority of the time. I just wish, honestly, that kids wouldn't take it for granted. And I can not help but feel indignant when I hear about the appalling easy requirements for graduating high school, in New York alone. Other states are far more relaxed! Our state tests are graded on a curve; all you have to do is get something around 50% of the material correct to receive a 65%. I don't understand that logic; shouldn't you just be credited for what you do correctly? I guess they just don't want to spend the effort or the money to bring strugging kids up from the lower academic levels. But what about the kids who would gotten above a 65 without the curve? Their efforts aren't exactly in vain, per se, but aren't they essentially being cheated? What are our motives for getting good grades, when all we need to do is put in the bare minimum? How are we ever going to excel when this "everyone deserves a gold star" mentality reigns supreme all across our country?

That's just the tip of the iceberg, but I figure it's not worth writing about anymore. Honestly. It's only going to upset me more. I'm shaking right now, and it's both a terrible, and slightly thrilling feeling. I guess the small release is therapeutic, in a twisted sense. If you've actually read this far, then, wow. I have to congratulate you. You had to endure a lot of bullshit spewed from me.

Current Mood: angry
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